Behind the marketplace

Maria Shriver is proud to present the Sunday Paper Marketplace - A curated collection of gifts inspired by The Sunday Paper. Dedicated to continuing that "Sunday Feeling" throughout the week, Maria Shriver teamed up with Designer Rachel Miriam to curate and conceptualize a Marketplace of meaningful gifts. Decades of passion and commitment to helping people stay above the noise is now transformed into special items that everyone can enjoy on Sunday, and each day of the week! 

personalized designs

Maria Shriver designed and curated thoughtful phrases, thread colors and fonts featured in the Sunday Paper Marketplace. Along with embroidery expert Rachel Miriam, Maria Shriver honed in on a personalized palette that offers customers an opportunity to make each purchase personal and more meaningful. Add a name, monogram, nickname, hashtag, Instagram handle, or MORE to an item that inspires you!

Inspiring that "Sunday feeling"

Maria Shriver created the Sunday Paper Marketplace to continue the "Sunday Feeling" throughout your week. Each meaningful item is meant to inspire you, ignite your passion and set the tone for your week ahead. 

Partnering with Superfood & Company, Maria hand picked ingredients to create one-of-a-kind Sunday Paper Coffee, Decaf Coffee and Tea. Paired with the Sunday Paper's signature Mug, you're sure to maintain all the Sunday feels!

holiday gifting

Just in time for the holiday season, the Sunday Paper Marketplace is your new go-to shopping destination for special gifts to share with your loved ones.  These gifts are meant to inspire hearts & minds, move humanity forward and rise above the noise.

Add personalization to your purchase for a meaningful gift that will be treasured for years to come. All purchases arrived gift wrapped to help make your holiday season effortless.

sunday on the go

Whether you're heading to brunch or the gym, the Sunday Paper Marketplace offers items to keep you organized, hydrated and chic on-the-go! Sundays are always packed with adventures and what better way to travel in style than a Sunday Paper signature Tote, Water Bottle, Inspiration Crystals or a Clutch Journal. 

Add a Signature Sunday Paper throw in diverse seasonal colors to keep you cozy during the season. Use it as a throw, blanket or shawl!

conversation starters

Maria Shriver is passionate about thoughtful conversation and an opportunity to go deeper with friends or family. In the spirit of igniting valuable conversation, Maria teamed up with Table Topics to bring you a boxed set of inspiring and thought- provoking cards filled with questions that will effortlessly ignite meaningful conversation

We're excited to help bring loved ones joy this holiday season and hope you enjoy shopping at the Sunday Paper Marketplace!