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Sunday Paper is a modern digital newsletter to inspire your heart and mind through insightful, inspirational and thought-provoking content. Founded by Maria Shriver, the Sunday Paper offers news and views that rise above the noise to Move Humanity Forward


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The Sunday Paper Marketplace features meaningful products that are good for you, good for your mind, and good for the world. Inspired by our favorite day of the week, this special collection was curated with items that are meant to inspire you, ignite you, and help you carry that "Sunday feeling" forward throughout your week.


The Maria Shriver is a mother of four, New York Times Best Selling Author, NBC News Special Anchor, and Creator/Editor in chief of the Sunday Paper. 

Maria Shriver has spent her entire career advocating to move humanity forward, believing that everyone can be an agent of change in their own lives. Maria Shriver is also the founder of Women's Alzheimer's Movement, a nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure, raising awareness & educating the public on how to protect brain health



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